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十大赌博正规平台在线 University offers an enriching, transformative academic experience across over 60 bachelor’s degrees, 70 certificates, 和 30 master’s 和 doctoral programs⁠—all of which are firmly rooted in the liberal 艺术, accented by extensive career preparation. Our academic programs are offered in-person 和 online to accommodate the unique needs 在所有学生中.

Holistic Preparation for Your Future

At 十大赌博正规平台在线 University, we focus on educating the whole person, focusing on not just intellectual, but also spiritual 和 personal development. 我们广泛的领域 of study provides you with the opportunity to find the program that is best-fit for you to achieve your academic, personal, 和 professional goals.

State-of-the-art facilities help you blend theory with h和s-on learning opportunities, 和 expert faculty members create a personalized educational experience through dedicated 指导和指导. You will be challenged 和 supported throughout your time at 十大赌博正规平台在线 by a connected community that cares deeply about your success.

With this, you will graduate with in-dem和 技能 和 abilities that are essential to future employers: communication 技能, problem solving, presentation ability, analytical thinking, 和 ability to effectively collaborate with peers.

艺术 & 人文学科

艺术 & 人文学科 department represents a vital part of a Liberal 艺术 education, enhancing our underst和ing 和 appreciation of what it means to be human. 这个区域 of study provides the knowledge 和 技能 necessary for a wide range of career paths, including performing 艺术, religious studies, communications, journalism, 和 media 艺术.

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The 业务 programs at 十大赌博正规平台在线 University help students refine their business acumen, elevate their leadership ability, 和 exp和 their communication 和 collaborative 技能. This business education is firmly rooted by our Christian humanistic approach that prepares our graduates to hold a high regard for ethics 和 integrity in their 专业实践.

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刑事司法 & 法律

刑事司法 & 法律 programs prepare students for careers in Public Service, including professional opportunities in law enforcement, corrections, court service, fire science, 和 legal services.



Our 教育 degree 和 certificate programs provide extensive h和s-on experience 和 leading knowledge to develop students into professional, highly effective teachers or administrators who can share their passion for students, schools, 和 education.


数学 & 科学

数学 & 科学 department includes degrees in mathematics 和 all of the foundational sciences as well as pre-professional certificates that prepare students for the next 踏入他们的职业生涯. It explores how pervasive science is in our surrounding environment; governing laws; 和 the psychological, physiological, 和 pragmatic elements that 影响我们的生活.

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护理 & 健康科学

十大赌博正规平台在线 offers bachelor’s 和 master’s degrees in nursing, hospice, 和 palliative care that provide preparation for a journey of respectful health care for people during life’s continuum of health, illness, 和 death. Additional programs in health science related studies promote an in-depth underst和ing 和 ability to provide care 和 wellness services to your community.


心理学 & 社会科学

The 心理学 programs at 十大赌博正规平台在线 dive deeper into the examination of the whole person through re搜索-based practice while the 社会科学 explores the interaction of social change, social life, 和 diverse communities.



十大赌博正规平台在线 University was the first university in Michigan to offer a bachelor’s degree in 手语 Interpreting Studies, trailblazing a path as the leading educator in interpreting 和 Deaf studies. Our ASL degree programs now include immersive cutting-edge bachelor’s degrees 和 minors across a series of specializations.

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社会工作 & 社会学

社会工作 & 社会学 programs provide practical experience in the service of individuals, groups, families, 和 entire communities. 我们的学生都很投入 to enhancing the well-being of others through the alleviation of poverty, oppression, 社会不公.


Create Your Future at 十大赌博正规平台在线 University

With a diverse offering of programs at the bachelor’s, certificate, 和 master’s levels, 十大赌博正规平台在线 University’s academic programs lay the foundation for growth 和 development on the path to your dream career.

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