The Office of Career Development 提供项目和服务,支持学生发起和实施 their career plans. 在反映天主教和方济各会的道德框架内工作 价值观,办公室致力于支持学生的就业能力,加强 他们的社会责任和承诺,为他人服务,创造机会 加强与用人单位的联系,探索学位后教育与就业的联系 options.

Students and Employers: Make an Appointment

Meet with a member of the Career Development staff by clicking here!

  Appointment Types for Students:

  • Career and Strength Coaching
  • Resume and/or Cover Letter Review
  • Mock Interview Session
  • Job/Internship Search Strategies
  • Professional Headshot Photo
  • 校园学生就业指导(适用于尚未被学校聘用的学生) job)
  • 校园学生就业申请表及身份证(适用于已收到 a job offer on-campus)

 Appointments for Employers: 约个时间讨论一下你或你的公司可以参与职业发展的方式 准备主动为圣母大学的学生,如嘉宾演讲,指挥 practice interviews, or creating a job shadow program! (Click the meeting link above, and select the appointment type: Employer Inquiry).